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Jo Mersa – the grandson of Bob Marley, the son of Stephen Marley, the nephew of Jr. Gong, and a fresh recruit to the Ghetto Youths family. He chops it up with the ReggaeGirlAboutTown about getting into the biz, the Melody Makers, and his love for reggae and dancehall music. He even gets Reshma B to kick a freestyle—how she “bad so.”

Jah Cure  –PT1/2 –Live from Kingston, JA,  kicking it poolside with the ReggaeGirlAboutTown about his long-awaited album “World Cry” and why it took two years to complete, about his marriage and the birth of his daughter, about his collab with 2Pac and why he identifies with Pac’s struggle, about how Drake sampled his music, and about the “World Cry” title track and why it was better after he remade it without any guest artists.


Behind the scenes for ‘Heels on’ video shoot – the track is the first single from Lady Saw’s self-produced Alter Ego album. Its has been making waves internationally and the video is every bit as hot as you’d expect it to be – catch a glimpse of Saw & Shaggy steaming up the set of the video, which was shot inside Lady Saw’s house in the hills about Kingston, JA

Spice – The biggest battle at this year’s Sting was supposed to be Spice vs. Macka Diamond. But when the time came, Macka did not show up. So Spice would not be all alone up there on the big stage at Jamworld, she brought along a donkey wearing a wig. After the show explains who the donkey was supposed to represent…….

Busy Signal – When he took the stage at Jamworld for Sting 2012, the crowd was expecting something special. After all it was Busy’s first major stage show since returning home from a six-month bid in a Federal prison in the United States. He delivered an emotionally charged set that was both the performance of a lifetime and a harbinger of more greatness to come and checked in with RGAT backstage to explain why he’s “living the Jamaican dream.”

chronixx – he worked Sting for the first time this year, and just as he stepped off the stage, he took a moment to reason – can you believe how cool and composed this young artist turned out to be?!

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